Tool Assisted Massage

  • Reduces localised and referred pain
  • Increased range of movement and tissue function
  • Allows hydration of the fascia

What is Tool Assisted Sports Massage?

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation, commonly referred to as Tool Assisted Sports Massage, is a highly effective treatment for soft tissue injuries. Hand held tools, known as myobars to release trigger points, myofascial adhesions and scar tissue. These hand-held tools allow our sports podiatrist to feel  for any adhesions of soft tissue trigger points deep within the tissues of the lower limb and foot.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Reduces localised and referred pain.
  • Increased range of movement and tissue function.
  • Increased tissue elasticity.
  • Allows hydration of fascia, allowing it to glide and function properly.
  • Enhances soft tissue healing and minimises recovery times.

How Does It Work?

Tool assisted sports massage involves using specific techniques and pressures applied to the soft tissue structures. These techniques release trigger points and connective tissue adhesions. The application of friction forces to the tissues, further assists with the break down of scar tissue.

When the trigger points releases or  the scar tissue breaks down an inflammation response will occur. This creates increased blood flow to the area, while removes toxins and helps the body to absorb scar tissue.

This treatment helps the production of new collagen fibres at the site of injury. This new collagen assisting connective tissue healing and minimises recovery times. Tool assisted myofascial release can also help with pain relief by interrupting pain signal pathways and releasing trigger points, causing referred pain.

This form of manual therapy is very effective post-surgery as it helps to break down scar tissue adhesions, which may form. It can also remove long term scar tissues that are causing pain and limiting range of motion.

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