National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

What is NDIS Podiatry Services:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will provide individuals with an eligible disability funding to receive NDIS podiatry services that they require. These podiatry services refer to the support required for their specific disability needs.

What NDIS patients we can see:

Well Heeled Podiatry offers NDIS podiatry services to both self-managed and planned managed patients.

We pride ourselves on being are highly skilled, passionate, and dedicated to making life better for people with a disability.

What is self-managed and planned managed:

Self-managed participants: The NDIS participant or a plan nominee, who is someone else who looks after support and services on the patient’s behalf, can pay for services.

This means that these participants are in control of their own NDIS money and can choose which services they would like to attend. Payment is made by the patient/plan nominee upfront, and then NDIS will reimburse the patient through the NDIS portal.

Planned managed: This involves a registered plan manager, who NDIS pays directly for services.

This means that the plan manager chooses which services to attend and they must abide by the NDIS set price guide and will organize the payment for you.

What NDIS podiatry services can we help you with:

Services and therapeutic devices that are clinically required;

Services include:

Therapeutic aids include:

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