Aching Legs and Feet

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation

  • Treats various foot alignment issues
  • Helps to restore normal joint function and range of motion
  • Helps to release restrictions in the feet
  • Beneficial for arthritis in the feet

What is Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy?

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy is a very effective form of joint mobilisation, using manipulation techniques, to treat many foot alignment and biomechanical issues. Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy is widely used by health professionals around the world to restore normal joint function and range of motion.

Joint restrictions in the feet can lead to joint displacement and shifting. These misalignments can cause increased pressure and stress through the joints. The body has to then compensate for this displacement, leading to symptoms of pain, stiffness, arthritis and poor foot function. This can result in adaptations to walking style, which can lead to further complications such as, knee, hip and lower back strain.

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation therapy releases restrictions in the feet and lower limbs , allowing the connective tissue to heal and repair to a more healthy functioning state, increasing mobility.

The ultimate goal of this therapy is to correct these underlying joint and structural alignments, maintain mobility and improve strength, balance and foot posture.

How Does it Work?

During  treatment the joints of the feet are gently taken through their normal passive range of motion. This helps to free up any joint stiffness, aiding the body in creating physiological changes to postural alignment, restoring neurological function of joint proprioceptors (balance) and increasing the release of synovial fluid/ lubrication between the joints. This gentle, specific and painless technique stimulates the body’s ability to repair and restore itself.

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy begins with regular and intensive treatments for the first month to help treat pain and inflammation. The implementation of strengthening, stretching and proprioception exercises ensure that changes during the sessions are long lasting.

Once the inflammation and pain has reduced and you build up strength within the lower limbs and feet, appointments will be less frequent.

In some cases this form or therapy can make you less reliant on traditional methods of treatment like orthotics, surgery or pain relief medication.

Who Would Benefit from it?

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy can be beneficial to anyone who is suffering foot pain and or stiffness and has tried almost everything, including orthotic therapy to relieve symptoms.

It is very unlikely that children under 12 years old will have pain in their feet from connective tissue restrictions. Therefore one-off Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation are all that are generally necessary.

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy is NOT suitable if:


Will it Cause Any Damage to The Joints in My Feet?

If you are a suitable candidate for Foot Mobilisaion and Manipulation Therapy the simple answer is NO. It would require more than 1000 Newton’s of force to cause a ligament, tendon, or connective tissue to fail and tear. This is far greater than a practitioner can generate with their hands.

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy causes the release of the connective tissue restriction and do not damage the joint integrity. If you mobilise a joint that is fine it will only take it through its full range of motion. If you miss a joint that needs mobilisation, this will reduce clinical outcomes.

It is very important with Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy to assess and treat all areas of the foot to correct all biomechanical alignments and compensations occurring within the foot.

What Can Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy Treat?

Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy can be used to treat many conditions of the foot and ankle. These include, but are not limited to:

If you are suffering from painful feet or lower limbs Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Therapy could finally help you!

Our podiatrist at Well Heeled Podiatry is trained and skilled in Foot Mobilisation and Manipulation Techniques, Shockwave Therapy, Dry Needling and Prolotherapy and can provide you with a range of treatment options to get you back to the best version of yourself.

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