What is Lower Back, Hip and Knee Pain?

Lower back, hip and knee pain is a common condition that affects many people throughout their lifetime. It can stem from many different causes and can be soft tissue, neurological (nerves) or osseous (bone related) in nature.

Many patients visit podiatrists to help treat and improve their lower back, hip and knee pain. This is because one of the major causes can be  incorrect positioning of the hips when walking, often due to poor alignment of the lower limb and incorrect foot biomechanics.

Lower Back, Hip and Knee Pain Snapshot

  • Flat feet can contribute to lower back pain and knee pain
  • A common reason patients see a podiatrist
  • Treatable with exercise, orthotics and other conservative treatment


Causes of Lower Back, Hip and Knee Pain

    • Flat feet or excessive pronation (rolling inwards of the feet).
    • Excessive supination (rolling out of the feet).
    • Leg length difference (LLD).
    • Asymmetrical alignment and movement of the feet.


Symptoms of Lower Back, Hip and Knee Pain

    • Postural pain in lower back if standing for too long
    • Inside knee pain in flat feet
    • Outside knee pain in high arched feet
    • General ache and stiffness in lower limb joints
    • Limping when you walk
    • Sport shoes make your symptoms feel better


Treatment for Lower Back, Hip and Knee Pain

  • Orthotic therapy to correct foot biomechanics /alignment, stabilising the pelvis and aiding in normal positioning and function of the spine.
  • Heel raises and footwear modifications to correct LLD.
  • Stretching and strengthening exercises may be prescribed.
  • Referral to other health professionals such as chiropractor, physio or osteopath for a multidisciplinary approach to your treatment if required.
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