What Are Aching Legs and Feet?

Many people think aching legs and feet is a normal symptom from being on our feet all day or “over doing it”. This is not the case and is not what we should consider as normal.

The alignment of our bones in the body start from the feet up, so if our feet are not in the correct position this can cause the rest of our body to be “out of whack”.

Our feet support our entire body weight and the slightest misalignment can cause increased strain and force on our joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.

This can cause us pain, fatigue and ultimately can reduce our mobility affecting our overall health and well being.

Aching Legs and Feet

  • Common complaint
  • Impacts daily life
  • Regular changing of shoes to relieve symptoms
  • Easily treatable


Causes of Aching Legs and Feet

  • Abnormal functioning and or positioning of the feet, resulting in increased workload on muscles and tendons causing pain and fatigue.
  • Misalignment of feet resulting in increased pressure and strain on our knees and back, leading to an increased generalised ache when standing and walking.
  • Circulation complications such as swollen legs.
  • Joint conditions such as arthritis.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome.


Symptoms of Aching Legs and Feet


Treatment for Aching Legs and Feet

Well Heeled Podiatry will assess the anatomy and function of the feet and lower limbs when walking and standing, allowing for the effective diagnosis of the cause of pain in your feet and legs.

They will also assess for any developmental deformities if relevant and put together an individualised treatment regime.


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