Causes of Blisters

  • Poor fitting footwear (too tight or too loose).
  • Shoes without a fastening (velcro/laces or strap) to hold the foot in the shoe and prevent friction and rubbing.
  • Not wearing in new footwear gradually.
  • No socks with shoes.
  • Over training or high impact pressure on feet during sport and/or running.
  • Fungal skin infection (pustular tine pedis).
  • Allergic reaction or viral skin infection.
  • Burns and scalds.


Symptoms of Blisters

  • Fluid filled sacks that form over areas of friction.
  • Pain, burning, redness and increase warmth in area of friction.
  • Infection if the skin is broken and first aid is not applied.
  • Callus may form over blister areas.


Treatment for Blisters

  • First aid, regardless if the blister is intact or broken (e.g Iodine and a simple dressing).
  • If a blister it is causing too much pressure, it will need to be released. This should be done by a podiatrist with a sterile instrument and in the appropriate location to allow fluid to be removed most effectively and with minimal trauma under the weight bearing foot.
  • To prevent further rubbing or friction, the area is offloaded with adhesive paddings.
  • Customised foot orthotics to offload the area if recurrent issue
  • Removal of callus by a podiatrist.
  • Strappings.
  • Antibiotics if infection is evident.
  • Antifungal treatment for tinea.
  • Antivirals or treatment for underlying allergy.
  • The best treatment for blisters is prevention.

Prevention of Blister:

  • Wearing socks with shoes.
  • Tapes and dressings to protect the area.
  • Blister sprays.
  • Appropriate fitting, supportive footwear (which may need to be assessed).

If the blisters are recurrent you may need orthotic therapy or footwear modifications to prevent increased pressure and friction in the effected area.

Well Heeled Podiatry is experienced in assessing foot structure and pressures. We can assess and properly fit you in the appropriate footwear for your foot shape.


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