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Medicare Enhanced Primary Care Plan

Government subsidies for Chronic Disease Management Plans.

Well Heeled Podiatry treats patients through the Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP) often referred to as an EPC referral.

How Can I Get Medicare Rebates for Podiatry Services?

Since July 2004, patients with complex and chronic medical conditions, managed by their GP, have been eligible for medicare rebates for podiatry services.  These subsidised visits are a Government incentive via a Medicare-based scheme called a Chronic Disease Management Plan (CDMP), formerly known as an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program. These can include visits to a range of Allied Health providers including podiatry.

Who Is Eligible For Medicare Rebates for Podiatry Services?

To be eligible for a medicare rebate and be involved in a CDMP your GP must help you manage a complex or chronic medical condition, such as:

CDMP is only available through your GP, with the appropriate paperwork needing to be completed before your first podiatry visit.

What Services Will A Chronic Disease Management Plan Provide?

A CDMP allows up to 5 subsidised, medicare rebates for podiatry services per calendar year. The referral is valid for 12 months, after this time the referral will expire and you will need to see your GP for a new care plan.

Well Heeled Podiatry is not a bulk billing clinic. Payment is taken in full on the day and a Medicare rebate will be processed into your nominated cheque or savings account. Therefore we will need the following to be able to process your rebate:

  • A CDMP referral from your GP.
  • Your Medicare Card
  • A cheque or savings account card

Please note: If you exceed this number of visits you will be wholly responsible for your account and may need to use your private health insurance if available. This is why it is important for you to keep track of the number of visits you have used and not exceed your limit to ensure you get your rebate.

Where Can I Get More Information on Medicare Rebates for Podiatry Services?

For more information on getting a CDMP and meeting the criteria required please speak to your GP, or contact Medicare. Please feel free to speak to our podiatrist who will help you with any questions you may have.

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