Welcome to Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton, were we provide unique and effective treatment options and therapies to get the best outcomes for our patients.


Foot Mobilisation Therapy Hampton

Is a effective form of joint mobilisation, that can treat many foot pain and postural issues.

Foot Manipulation Therapy is our go to treatment at Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton to  reduce joint stiffness, improve joint motion and ultimately foot function. Foot Mobilisation Therapy is proven to increase lubrication within the joints, improving movement. A home exercise program will also assist with strength and balance in the feet, for long term results.

This form of therapy is usually coupled with Tool Assisted Massage  to release soft tissues in the leg, ankle and foot, providing pain relief for acute and chronic foot conditions, such as osteoarthritis.


shock wave therapy hamptonShock Wave Therapy Hampton

Shock wave therapy is a research proven treatment effective in treating many chronic musculoskeletal conditions, such as chronic heel pain and Achilles Tendinopathy.

Especially when previous conservative treatment have not been enough to resolve notoriously stubborn complaints.

Radial shock wave therapy uses high pressure acoustic frequencies that pass through the targeted tissue to stimulate repair and healing. Enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Clinically proven to resolve heel pain in 70-80% of cases.


podiatry hamptonOrthotics Hampton

The feet are the foundations of our bodies. If they are not functioning properly this can lead to dysfunction and pain further up.

At Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton customised foot orthotics  are necessary when the foot is not functioning properly. These inserts provide assistance to the foot to help relieve pain and prevent ongoing  injuries.

Orthotics can be temporary for short term healing or permanent for more long term support, depending on the severity of the foot dysfunction. This is a discussion the treating podiatrist will have during your consultation to give you a clear understanding of how your orthotics will work.

At Well Heeled Podiatry  Hampton we use 3D digital scanners to take foot impressions. Our customised foot orthotics are then manufactured locally in Melbourne with high quality, durable materials for long lasting devices.

Our customised foot orthotics are made as practical as possible when it comes to shoe fitting. Modifications if necessary, are part of the service.



Podiatry HamptonPermanent Ingrown Toenail Surgery Hampton

At Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton we treat ingrown toenails using both conservative and surgical treament options, depending on the severity of the condition.

Ingrown toenails  can occur due to the wrong nail cutting technique or nail trauma. Others may occur due to the hereditary shape of the toenail, that continues to pierces into the skin as the nail grows, causing recurrent infections.

Permanent ingrown toenail surgery is available within our treatment rooms under a local anaesthetic so that no pain can be felt during the procedure. The procedure is very safe and gives long lasting results for our patients. The procedure will be explained by the treating podiatrist when you come in for your consultation.


podiatry hamptonProlotherapy Hampton

Is an injectable treatment consisting of a mixture of 25% glucose and local anaesthetic.

Prolotherapy is used by health practitioners all over the world to strengthen and heal connective tissue injuries. It is a safe and effective treatment, which stimulates fibroblast activity. Fibroblast activity enhances collagen production, forming new connective tissue fibres within the injured ligaments or tendon.

This therapy is available at Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton and is primarily for Achilles Tendinopathy and lateral ankle sprains and instability.

Prolothearpy does not replace the need for a progressive load program to strengthen and repair tendon and ligament injuries. However is allows quicker pain relief and healing duration.


podiatry hampton

Dry Needling Hampton

Dry needling  is another manual therapy available at Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton to treat musculoskeletal injuries. This manual therapy works by releasing “trigger points” within the soft tissues of the leg and foot. The release of these trigger points, seen as a local  “twitch response”, “causes an instant release in muscle tension and tightness.

Dry needling restore normal muscle function, making it a very effective treatment for acute or chronic lower leg and foot pain, with minimal side effects.


podiatry hamptonTool Assisted Sports Massage Hampton

At Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton we use specific hand held tools and techniques to provide tool assisted sports massage to our patients. These hand held tools allow us to feel deep within the tissues for any hidden trigger points or tissue adhesions.

Tool assisted massage can cause localised skin flushing, improving blood flow to the area. The blood flow and localised inflammation response assists in removing tissue toxins and aids the body in healing.

Tool Assisted Sports Massage is a beneficial treatment at Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton as it;

  • Reduces soft tissue pain.
  • Increased movement and function within the leg, foot and ankle.
  • Increases tissue hydration, improving function.
  • Shortens soft tissue recovery times and enhances tissue healing.

At Well Heeled Podiatry Hampton we use our biomechanical knowledge of the lower limb and foot and combine this with a range of manual therapy treatments to provide the very best treatment to our Bayside patients. We believe in a holistic approach to healthcare to get our patients back on their feet.