Callus is a diffused yellow thickening of skin that occurs where there is pressure or friction over a larger area of skin. Callus on the feet is known as ‘plantar callus’ and if left to build up too much it will become quite painful and result in healthy tissue breakdown and underlying wounds

Causes of Plantar Callus:

  • Poor fitting footwear
  • Loss of fatty pad tissue over the bones of the foot
  • Abnormalities in gait or movement that result in increased pressure to specific areas


Symptoms of Plantar Callus:

  • Hard, yellow, thickend skin commonly on the side of the big and little toes, balls of feet and around the borders of the heel.
  • If the callus builds up too much it may cause a burning sensation
  • Red dots under callus may be evident if the pressure has caused the underlying capillaries to burst
  • Wounds may form under callus if not treated in a timely manner


Treatment for Plantar Callus:

  • Debridement of callus by a podiatrist.
  • Pumice stone, foot files
  • Emollient therapy
  • Suitable footwear
  • Foot orthoses or inserts that can take the pressure off this area and prevent your callus coming back


Proactive Podiatry can help painlessly remove the callus and provide you with prevention strategies for it coming back. The removal of callouses is important if you are a diabetic and should be treated by a professional to prevent the risk of wounds and ulcers occurring due to unremitting pressure of the callus.