Welcome to Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton, we provide the following services below to the bayside community. We use unique and effective treatment options and therapies to get the best results for our clients.

Podiatry BrightonFoot Mobilisation Therapy Brighton

Is available at Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton and is a effective form of joint mobilisation, using manipulation techniques. Foot Mobilisation Therapy can treat many postural foot and biomechanical issues.

Foot Manipulation Therapy is our treatment of choice at Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton to restore normal joint function and motion. It stimulates joint lubrication and movement, while improving joint stiffness, overall balance and foot function.

This form of treatment along with Tool Assisted Massage  provides significant foot pain relief for patients with acute or chronic injuries.

shock wave therapy BrightonShock Wave Therapy Brighton

Radial shock wave therapy is a clinically proven and effective treatment for chronic musculoskeletal injuries, such as heel pain, Achilles Tendinopathy and other tendon injuries of the foot and ankle.

The clinical research shows 70-80% of patients treated with our specific Dolocast radial shock wave therapy machine have successful heel pain reduction.

Shock wave therapy sends high pressure acoustic frequencies through the pathological tissues to stimulate repair and healing. Enhancing the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Podiatry Brighton

Orthotics Brighton

At Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton we use customised orthotics in the treatment of certain lower limb, foot, knee, hip  fatigue and/or pains. Customised foot orthotics are necessary when the foot is not functioning efficiently by itself, causing pain within the foot and other areas of the body.

The foot is the first structure to hit the ground. If it does not function properly to absorb shock and transfer weight efficiently, this will have detrimental effects further up.

Depending on foot function, orthotics may be temporary for specific injuries or long term for ongoing support. This is a discussion the treating podiatrist will have with you during your consultation.

At Well Heeled Podiatry  Brighton we use 3D digital scanners to take your foot moulds and high quality materials locally made in Melbourne.

Our customised foot orthotics are made as practical as possible when it comes to shoe fitting. They are durable, with alterations easily made, if necessary.

Podiatry BrightonIngrown Toenail Surgery Brighton

At Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton we treat ingrown toenails both conservatively and surgically if necessary.

Ingrown toenails  occur when the edge of the nail pierces the skin as the nail grows and causes a bacterial infection. Permanent ingrown toenail surgery is necessary if the ingrown toenail is recurrent, or very severe.

This is due to the shape of some nail being very  prone to growing into the skin.

Ingrown toenail surgery is done under a Local Anaesthetic so that no pain can be felt during the procedure. The procedure is very easy and straight forward and will be explained by the treating podiatrist when you come in for your consultation.

Podiatry Brighton

Prolotherapy Brighton

Is a safe and effective injection treatment to treat tendon and ligament Injuries. Prolotherapy strengthens tendons and

ligaments by increasing fibroblast activity. This stimulates collagen production, forming new connective tissue fibres within the tendon and ligaments.

The solution consists of  25% glucose or less, and the local anaesthetic lignocaine.

It is very effective at reducing painful neovessels that form around tendon or ligament injuries. These neovessels are very painful and make the tendon or ligament difficult to rehabilitate.

This therapy is available at Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton to compliment a progressive load program to strengthen and repair tendon and ligament injuries.

Podiatry Brighton

Dry Needling Brighton

Dry needling  is a highly effective therapy available at Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton to treat musculoskeletal injuries. It releases “trigger points” within the muscles, causing the muscle to tighten and become dysfunctional.

The aim of dry needling is to achieve a local “ twitch response” , releasing the trigger points and restoring normal muscle function. This form of treatment is popular as it is very effective for acute or chronic lower leg and foot pain with little to no side effects.

podiatry BrightonTool Assisted Sports Massage Brighton

Tool Assisted Sports Massage works by using specific hand held tools and techniques to the soft tissue structures.  These techniques release trigger points and connective tissue adhesions, such as scar tissue.

Tool assisted massage can cause a local inflammation. This improves blood flow to the area, removes toxins and aids the body in healing.

Tool Assisted Sports Massage is a popular treatment at Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton as it does the following;

  • Improves local and referred pain.
  • Increased movement and function within the leg, foot and ankle.
  • Allows hydration of fascia, surrounding the muscles, allowing them to glide and function properly.
  • Enhances tissue healing and shortens recovery times.

At Well Heeled Podiatry Brighton we pride ourself on offering the very best “hands on” manual therapy treatments to our Bayside patients. Getting them back to doing the things they love as soon as possible.